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Replacing Outdated Design Elements with the Latest Styles

Whether you are thinking about knocking down a wall to turn a cramped room into a much larger space or dream of relaxing in an elegant bathroom with modern fixtures after a long day, Choice General Construction Inc. is prepared to deliver the top-quality results you seek. Located in Oceanside, California, we provide home remodeling and demolition services for any type of small modifications or extensive renovations. Our specialty areas are kitchen and bathroom remodeling at rates within your budget.

House Remodeling Plan

Closer to Your Ideal Home

The various rooms in a house should give you the ability to maximize functionality, while complementing your personal style and creating an environment suitable for that particular space. Our wide range of remodeling capabilities include minor changes to the layout and decor, moving an interior wall, replacing old windows, and even adding on to an existing home. We also install cabinets already chosen by you and offer access to cabinetmakers and countertop installers.

Consideration for Clients

When working on kitchens and bathrooms, Choice General Construction Inc. determines the most convenient timeframe for work being done on that room. Furthermore, we can make arrangements for a temporary kitchen or bathroom until the job is finished.